Fra NACS sin nettside

NACSAC (Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology Authorization Committee)

Presentation of the NACSAC-group 

The main assignment for NACSAC is to authorize the NACS specialists in sexological counselling and clinical sexology. 

The NACSAC group is the continuation of the committee that developed the procedure for Nordic authorization of sexologist, adopted by the NACS-meeting in Helsinki in 2000, the criteria for authorization were first agreed upon by the NACS-meeting in Visby in 2001.

 The first group of NACS specialists in sexological counselling and clinical sexology were authorized in Copenhagen May 3, 2002. 

The procedure and the criteria for sexological specialization are the results of many and sometimes hard discussions, perhaps some compromises in order to achieve what we believe is a much stronger new profession, as it is based on the same requirements in all Nordic countries. Three persons from each country met 2-3 times a year for three years, economically supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers, to attain this agreement. 

This means that these criteria must be respected and adhered to.

At the same time, new people have come into the field, and many of those who did the original work, are no longer as active as they were - new people are doing the work now, and did not follow the original discussions. It is therefore important that we carry on the process of keeping up the Nordic agreement through continuing discussions among us, and when it is necessary, improve and adapt the procedure and criteria in accordance to new development in professional specialization.

Since the first criteria were agreed upon, the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) were agreed upon in Bologna as a system to count academic work in all European countries, as a part of the reorganization of the university education into Bachelor and Masters Degrees. 

The NACSAC group consists of 1-2 member persons from each national organization's authorization committee, meeting 2 times per year to discuss the criteria and the procedure in order to uphold the same standard of authorization in all Nordic countries. These standards are in its turn used in the development of sexological education in each country. 

In the years 2005-2007, several meetings and discussions took place about the criteria for Authorization. In Copenhagen (May 2007), the NACSAC members agreed on the criteria still in use: see NACS Authorisation requirements Copenhagen May 4th 2007. 

Discussions about Application Forms has also been going on.In Helsinki (October 2012), NACSAC agreed on that only the relevant Application Forms (see here) can be used.

The Applicants must fill in all paragraphs in the forms and attach relevant documents to support the content of the paragraph for the NACSAC work to accept or reject the Application. 

The meeting is also asked to discuss participation in work for international guidelines for sexological practice.